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Coming Out in a Marriage

Gays and Lesbians Coming Out in Straight Marriages

Dr. Michael Ian Rothenberg, Internationally Recognized Board Certified Clinical
Sexologist, Licensed Psychotherapist  and University Sexuality Educator has
helped many LGBT individuals to understand the
very unique and specific
challenges in coming out to a straight spouse, children and families.
Rothenberg works extensively with the Orlando, Florida LGBT community to
provide support and affirmative counseling and therapy.

Dr. Rothenberg does not support the practice of reparative therapy and will
not provide referrals to mental health practitioners and medical professionals
who do support this harmful practice.

Dr. Rothenberg teaches Human Sexuality at both the University of Central
Florida (UCF) and Barry University and has trained hundreds of mental health
practitioners including Marriage and Family Therapists, Mental Health
Counselors and Clinical Social Workers on how to provide supportive
counseling and therapy for LGBT individuals and couples.

Common Questions in Counseling and Therapy for Coming
Out in Straight Marriages

How do I come out to myself?

How do I come out to other LGBT people?

How do I come out to other straight people?

How do I tell my wife?

How do I tell my husband?

How do I tell my children?

How do I tell my parents?

Will my children understand?

Will my children suffer?

Will I lose my children?

Will I lose my best friend?

Will I lose all that I care about?

Am I tired of hiding?

Am I tired of secrets?

Am I tired of living a lie?

How can I be my true self?

How do I take the first step?

How do I not hurt my spouse?

How do I not hurt my family?

Am I anxious?

Am I stressed?

Am I nervous?

Am I sad?

Am I depressed?

Where do I turn?

Dr. Michael Ian Rothenberg has helped countless gay and lesbian
individuals and couples to live happier lives!

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