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Crisis and Intensive Sessions

Dr. Michael Ian Rothenberg offers flexible crisis hours for individuals, couples and families in need of additional time or more flexible hours.

Crisis and Intensive Sessions: After-Hours and Weekends

Are you in crisis/emotional pain?

Traditional hour-long sessions not long enough?

Ready to start feeling better right now?

We can get right to work with Dr. Michael Ian Rothenberg's popular and productive Intensive Sessions for:

  • Sex Addiction/Porn Addiction/Out of Control Sexual Behavior

  • Erectile Dysfunction/Performance Anxiety

  • Infidelity/Cheating

What are Intensive Sessions?

Dr. Rothenberg reserves intensive sessions for select individuals and couples in crisis who are motivated right now to enact real change in their lives or in their relationships.

During the course of the crisis/intensive sessions you will work, personally and exclusively, with internationally known Sex Therapist, Dr. Michael Ian Rothenberg for immediate or extended-session individual or couples counseling.

Intensive sessions are an excellent alternative for both local individuals and couples or for those traveling from across the United States, Canada, Europe and South America to work with Dr. Rothenberg.

Fee Schedule

60 minute crisis session
60 minute intensive session

(Sessions can be customized from one to three hours)

Please contact Dr. Rothenberg directly to further discuss the selection process for intensive sessions.

Help is one phone call away.

Start living the life you want to live.

Dr. Michael Ian Rothenberg

I look forward to speaking with you.