Licensed Psychotherapist SW8380 - Board Certified Clinical Sexologist - Certified Sex Therapist

Male Abuse Survivors

Male Abuse Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Dr. Rothenberg understands the difficulty that male survivors often have 
discussing issues related to sexual abuse and sexual trauma.

As a specialist working exclusively with male survivors, I always exhibit 
awareness and respect for your boundaries and your level of comfort.  My  
goal is to create a safe environment where men are comfortable
discussing issues that are very difficult to talk about. As always, your 
confidentiality is ensured.

Common Questions Explored in Counseling

Am I unable to have an intimate relationship?

Am I unable to trust?

Do I question my sexual orientation?

Am I sexually confused?

Could sexual abuse “turn me” gay?

Am I sexually compulsive?

Do I have a sexual dysfunction?

Do I have a sex addiction?

Do I experience compulsive masturbation?

Am I addicted to pornography?

Do I have guilty feelings?

Do I suffer from depression?

Do I have flashbacks?

Am I angry?

Am I fearful?

Why did I let this happen?

Why didn’t anyone help me?

Do people know?

Do I feel like a man?

Do I have social challenges?

Do I have educational challenges?

Do I have employment challenges?

Do I have spiritual challenges?

Do I have trouble admitting I’ve been abused?

Am I ashamed to talk about my abuse?

Am I concerned about the cycle of abuse?

Have I hurt others?

Have I hurt myself?

Am I afraid to have children of my own?

Do I feel isolated?

Do I feel alone?