Licensed Psychotherapist SW8380 - Board Certified Clinical Sexologist - Certified Sex Therapist

Sexuality in Children and Adolescents

Sexuality and Sexual Behaviors in Children and Adolescents

Teenage Internet Pornography Addiction

Out of Control Online Sexual Behavior

Dr. Michael Ian Rothenberg, internationally known sex therapist, sexologist, University Sexuality Educator (University of Central Florida-Orlando, Florida, Barry University-Miami Shores, Florida) and has personally trained hundreds of clinicians including Physicians, Clinical Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists and Clinical Sexologists to better understand Human Sexuality, Sexual Behavior, Sexual Addiction, and Out of Control Sexual Behaviors related to children and adolescents. 

Has my child been exposed to Internet pornography?

Does my child spend increasing amounts of time on the internet/computer?

Does my child engage in self-isolating behaviors?

Is my child on the autism spectrum?

Is my child spending less time with friends?

Have my child’s grades suffered?

Does my child have difficulty concentrating?

Has my child been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD?

Has my child lost interest in things he/she once enjoyed?

Is my child increasingly secretive?

Has my child stopped communicating with me?

Is there tension at home?

Are we fighting all the time?

Has my child’s personality changed?

Do I feel like I don’t know my child anymore?

Does my child become overly upset when computer access is restricted?

Does my child become angry when Internet access is restricted?

Does my child erase his/her computer history?

Does my child express sexual knowledge beyond his/her years?

Has my child been preoccupied with sexual behaviors?

Does my child show unusual interest in masturbation?

Does my child masturbate compulsively?

Does my child masturbate in inappropriate situations or locations?

Has my child been sexting?

Does my child engage in inappropriate sexual chatting?